Dec 31, 2012

This one time

One balmy Saturday I dressed my baby in a ridiculous outfit. Then proceeded to attempt some Christmas photos on the dock where we got engaged. Except it didn’t work out at all and ended with Mama in grumpy tears, Daddy wanted to get Mama’s head checked and a chilly baby.  And, was all my fault. I didn’t get the mom or wife award of the year that day.  My husband, truly the better half around these parts, is incredibly forgiving and knew I wouldn’t be able to function properly unless we snapped ourselves some photos. I am thankful to say that on the following, balmy day…our photoshoot was still tricky, but we had a good time, laughing at my ridiculousness ;)


Here is what we came away with!

christmas 2012 078 christmas 2012 080 christmas 2012 083 christmas 2012 085 christmas 2012 089   christmas 2012 094christmas 2012 091christmas 2012 103 christmas 2012 114 christmas 2012 115

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