Dec 18, 2012

Made Her Day…

This is a real conversation that took place at Macarthur Mall’s Barnes & Nobles this very afternoon.

Will this be all for you?


Yup, thank you!


Do you have our rewards card? {Don’t you hate it when they ask you that?!}


Nope & no, thanks. I am trying to cut down on those things. They encourage shopping, you know.


A consolation chuckle… You’re right! Okay your total is {Waaayy too much money!} Can I see a photo ID with your credit card, please?


I slide her my card, she checks it, then gasps:


WOAH!! Your last name is CROFT!!! AWESOME! I LOVE the tombraider! I want to get me one of those holster thingys that she wears on her thigh! Yeah, I just love those games.


Thanks. That’s cool. I haven’t played the games or seen the movie, but people get a kick out of my name. cool! If only your first name was Lara!


Well…my first name IS Laura…I thought that is why you were freaking out?!


dead silence

OHHHHH MMYYYY GAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWD!! You’re first name is LAURA?! You HAVE got to get a tattoo, girl!! Calling over her other employees..

HER NAME IS LAURA CROFT…NO JOKE!!!!! This is awesome! This is AWESOME!!!! Laura CROFT!! AHHHHHHhhhhhh!


I grab my bag and slowly back away from the counter….

It’s not easy being Laura Croft, people!


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