Dec 5, 2012


     Yesterday was fantastic.  Not only did I learn that my fatty has surpassed his birth weight and is now working my arms out at 8lbs & 10 oz, we got to get out and see our favorite twins!

    Cecilia & Thomas were recovering from a cold, so we hadn’t seen them in quite some time.  I was going through withdrawal and suggested that we pick them up after the James’ doctor appt for a walk together.

     This is how Cecilia was dressed..

Dec 2012 047 Dec 2012 048 Dec 2012 055 Dec 2012 056 Dec 2012 057

Pink boots, mardi gras necklace, angel wings, and baby “Lucy” wrapped up in a makeshift sling. Made from the shawl she wore at my wedding :) Oh yeah, and she has a blue tutu underneath the dress.


     While we walked and stopped at the park to play, baby James did this:

Dec 2012 058


     Marcus was snapping pictures and I politely asked him not to take pictures of my muffin top.  Cecilia, without missing a beat, wanted to know what a muffin top was. Don’t worry.. I told her what a literal muffin top was…hoping to preserve her from self image issues forever!

Dec 2012 059 Dec 2012 060 Dec 2012 061 

     And how cute are these peeking cousins?!

  Dec 2012 066 Dec 2012 068

     Love his boots & his smile

Dec 2012 072Dec 2012 064

     This little girl is SO ready to be a big sister :) Only a couple more weeks, Cecilia!!

Dec 2012 074 Dec 2012 076


elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

This is the cutest ever! all of you are just too freaking adorable.

Jiza @ The Real JZ said...

Precious photos!


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