Dec 18, 2012


     Tonight I am shamelessly bragging on behalf of Mr. Firefighter Croft! He “caught” a big fire the other nigh and since there are not too many fires these days {Thank Goodness!!}, these guys wait & wait for jobs like these. Even though the fire happened in his second due, he still got to play a very active role and {in my best firefighter vernacular} that included both exterior and interior fire attack, some search & rescue-including CARRYING some residents out, breaking down some doors with manly man tools and finally…saving a kitty cat.  Yup, that is my husband!!

     Check out the pictures taken by the Virginia Beach Fire Department photographer. Here are my favorites of Marcus {in the red helmet!}

67836_10151287537984730_2045585360_n 59992_10151287538144730_1961072640_n

Here is a video of the fire.


     Obviously, whenever there is a fire there is damaged homes & property. Say a prayer for those affected, and especially for the two residents who were injured.


     And finally, I must add that these guys are heroes everyday..and perhaps more so…when they are answering medical call after medical call. Not as glamorous or exciting but just as important and incredible. 

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